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Don equips and supports leaders and managers to create a movement where teams are inspired to collaborate and achieve corporate success.

  • Create a culture that sees people, and business, thrive and grow
  • Empower your team and company while taking ownership of your own story and strategy
  • Remove barriers to collaboration and performance
  • Develop leaders that work for the benefit of your people and your organisation

Collective Team Effectiveness
We Are Stronger As A Collective

Collective and collaborative teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage. In a corporate world where there is a strong pull to individualism and silos, collaboration as a team is extremely challenging.

To help teams overcome this, Don helps teams identify barriers to their performance and craft a new, tangible and practical game plan to win as a team, rather than just ideas written on a flip chart.

Leader Lean In
Collaboration Through Connection

Leader Lean In creates a platform for leaders to connect, learn from and inspire each other. Don hosts and facilitates a dialog with teams focused on relevant leadership topics. This session can also include an interview with a range of Thought Leaders who share key insights while engaging and connecting with your team to create space for exploring new ideas.

*Offered Online or Face to Face

How Don Müller helped build a united and significant executive team for leading African Bank, Stanbic Uganda Holdings Ltd.

The Challenge:

Working with a new business strategy, Andrew Mashanda, Chief Executive Officer at Stanbic Holdings Ltd, identified a need for a re-alignment of the leadership and culture at the organisation and engaged Don to help him achieve this.

The Solution:

Don helped Andrew identify his vision for his role, life and the legacy he wanted to leave at the organisation. He helped the CEO identify the recalibrations needed in the team, and how he would optimise his own leadership for this new assignment.

Don then partnered with the senior leadership team on a co-creation journey that integrated the organisation’s purpose, vision and refreshed strategy with the required culture shifts and individual commitments to bring it to life. The team then embarked on a team effectiveness
journey to optimise their leadership of the strategy and culture alignment.

The Impact:

“Don has helped me to dig deep within myself to find my story and how to mindfully craft my narrative as a leader. He helped craft a purpose for my journey and my vision of significance. Don also helped us as a team to discover the essence of our existence as a leadership team.”

– Andrew Mashanda, Chief Executive Officer at Stanbic Holdings Ltd

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Client Feedback

“To be able to teach managers, you have to be able to reach them. Reach beyond who they are at work to who they are as human beings, understanding their struggle to balance their professional and personal points of view. There are plenty of facilitators and coaches, but there are few who understand the need to do this, and fewer still who have the renowned competency, and accurate empathy, of Don Müller that is required to do it."
- Stan Slap New York Times bestselling author, Chief Executive Officer, SLAP
“Through working with Don I was able to articulate and connect with my authentic purpose and drive effectiveness in the teams I serve.”
- Arno Daehnke, Group Financial Director, Standard Bank Group
“I have known Don for a couple of years and have found value in his deep passion for leadership. The time with him has provided me with a great guide to leading with courage and vulnerability. I also appreciate how he invests time in truly getting to know his clients beyond just the work resume.”
- Nontokozo Madonsela, Group CMO - Momentum Metropolitan Holdings
“Don Müller is a hugely talented educator, facilitator, consultant and coach. With a wealth of experience and expertise in business strategy and leadership at the highest levels, across cultures and in international settings, he brings focus, energy and insight that adds greatly to the impact of his work. A real pleasure to work with.”
- Jeremy Kourdi, Writer, Founder of Kourdi Associates, and former Senior Vice President, The Economist
“Working with Don was powerful in helping to define my goals, aspirations and priorities. His facilitation style creates a safe environment to explore ideas without limitations or judgement.”
- Marjorie Ngwenya, Actuary, Past President of the IFoA, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Author, Independent Director
“Don personifies the art of networking which requires genuine skills to connect and add value with pure intent.”
- John Sanei, Author, Futurist, International Speaker
“Don has an amazing ability to connect leaders to their true purpose and guide them towards their true north.”
- Lincoln Mali, CEO Net1 SA
“Had the priveledge of working with Don since beginning of our careers as auditors. Don has become a purposeful leader who constantly pushes himself and his clients to lead more purposefully and effectively. He is busy, and will continue, rewriting the art and science of leadership.”
- Dean Davey, Executive Director, EY Belgium
"Don has successfully partnered with me to maximise my performance as a leader. He has also worked with our team to help live out our vision and purpose.”
- Greg Maslov, Co-CEO, SAPRO